Meet the Team


Dawn is a highly recognised teacher.  Her style of yoga is Hatha Yoga for the Body and Mind.  Dawn also teaches Yoga Flows, Iyengar, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Cancer and revitalisation for the endocrine system.  Dawn was one of the first teachers qualified in the UK as a Hormonal Yoga Teacher, Balance your Hormones and you will balance your life and health.


Dawn is a registered teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga/The Governing Body of the UK having taught for over 25 years, she is a trainer for new teachers and has inspired many student teachers to reach their full potential with her excellent teaching and knowledge. Dawn offers teacher training programmes in the UK and abroad. Her committed relationship with yoga is expressed through her special interest in women’s health. 


Dawn teaches within Corporate Companies, NHS and Private Exclusive Health Settings in Harley Street, London and was nominated as part of a group for an Award for Cancer Patients reaching the final in the whole of the UK. Dawn presented at the largest UK Om Yoga Show in London in 2014 as a Hormonal Yoga Teacher.  


Dawn was one of four pilot teachers within the NHS working on a research project for the outcomes in relation to health effects of Pilates and Mental Health. Dawn attends retreats and holds retreats within the UK and Europe, Seminars and Workshops and has a huge following all around the world!




The Team

Our Yoga Teachers work within their own companies and  come together to offer their services. 

Nasim Patel is a Director and Partner, with her talented skills for business, she is at the forefront of driving Yoga Conscious Ltd to excel and always on hand to help.  Nasim organises the training, retreats, workshops, both in London and Worldwide.

Andrea has been studying yoga for many years she started her teaching career with Vinyasa and Astanga yoga.  Andrea is also a qualified Tai Chi Instructor, teaching full time yoga in many settings for strength and flexibility and bring together the principles of many yoga traditions. 

We have a variety of teachers and professional who attend our trainings to help you on your path from yoga teachers, Chinese Doctor, Lecturers on Medical Ailments, Our own resident Guru Rami who teaches the classical texts on Pantanjali and Karma Yoga.